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Lucid Ice Judge - Limited Ten Year Anniversary Stamp

Lucid Ice Judge - Limited Ten Year Anniversary Stamp

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2/4/0/1  *174-5g - Very Limited Run of the Lucid Ice Judge!            

Lucid Ice is a high-end premium plastic from Dynamic Discs. It's clear and crisp in comparison to regular Lucid plastic. It's highly durable and is often used in Signature releases.

"The Judge was the first putter released by Dynamic Discs and it continues to be one of the best molds they have ever designed. The Judge is an overstable putter with a thin rim and a bead. The small rim and bead make it feel very comfortable in your hand. It also allows for a consistent release every time you putt. Because the Judge is overstable, it also makes it predictable. Which is why it is great for throwing as well. The Judge holds straight and true to whatever line you put it on. With a good release and good height, the Judge will go just as far as your mid-ranges. The Judge is a must-have in every players bag."
- Paige Shue

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