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Lone Howl II - Swirly S-Line PD Sig Series LH2

Lone Howl II - Swirly S-Line PD Sig Series LH2

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10/4/0/3  *All 173-5g, new - Innova Made*  

Let's all stop playing around and start throwing some Power Drivers, and why not start with the Discmania PD.   This disc is not for the light-hearted as it's beefy and won't slow down for a while.  It's meant for when the wind is blowing hard, as the glide is not great, but can cut the wind with Power.  The PD will fly straight as an arrow with a moderate fade at the end of the flight. 

Colten Montgomery’s second version of his signature PD is here with the Lone Howl 2. 

The Discmania PD (Power Driver) is a fast and stable driver that handles wind well. The PD has a good glide and is useful for sidearm throws, stable power shots, and long flex shots for experienced players. This disc offers longer and straighter shots with a reliable low speed fade. Ask anyone who's tried it - this disc is a true crowd favorite!

The plastic of these discs have been coined as “Special Blend”. Most will have a nod of swirl in them but the feel of the plastic itself is what catches the eye. All Lone Howls are grippy, moderately soft, and flat. Not board flat but just a little bit of dome to maintain your favorite PD stability and glide.


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