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Kastaplast Birdie Bag - Grip Enhancer by Sportsack

Kastaplast Birdie Bag - Grip Enhancer by Sportsack

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The Kastaplast Birdie Bag is a must have accessory to keep your hands and disc dry while maintaining a consistent grip. Simply roll the bag around in your hands for a few seconds to soak up any moisture and oil to restore your natural grip. Each 100% cotton bag is filled with thousands of super thirsty Beadsorb beads. These beads are so effective they can dry off wet discs in a flash and can even be used in the rain.

The Sportsack does not leave behind a chalky dust or messy residue and lasts much longer than rosin bags or other powder based products. Comes packaged in a zip lock plastic bag for storage. If sack becomes wet, continue to use and it will dry itself out.

Designed to adsorb excess moisture from your hands. Great for humid or rainy conditions.

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