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Halo Star Lion - Limited Focus Mandala Triple Foil

Halo Star Lion - Limited Focus Mandala Triple Foil

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5/4/0/2 *This batch of Halo Lion feels pretty flat. Softer-ish Halo Star plastic.      

This Halo Lion with the Focus Mandala design works on many levels. Not only is it head-turning artwork, but the mandala design can also act as a reminder to keep your head in the clutch.  A Chris Sheehan 3-Color Design

What are Mandalas, anyway? Mandalas are intricately crafted geometric patterns and are sometimes used as a spiritual tool to tap into one’s consciousness.

More about the Focus Mandala: A strong mental game can save as many strokes as a strong putter, especially when you find yourself outside your comfort zone. The Focus Mandala is designed to help keep you centered so you can “bring your attention back to the moment, no matter the circumstance,” said artist Chris Sheehan, who adds that the design has a single pointed focus.

More about the Halo Lion: The convex rim, small bead and flat flight plate give the Lion a comfortable grip and create a neutral flight. Thrown hard and flat, it’ll finish with a touch more glide than a Roc3 and enough fade to keep it on track. Trust anhyzer to hold a long, consistent line throughout the flight. Expect more glide and overstability with Halo Star discs.

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