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Lone Star Discs

Founders Warbird - Chandler Kramer Tour Series

Founders Warbird - Chandler Kramer Tour Series

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12/6/-1/3 *Founders edition plastic is the best of the best for Lone Star Discs - great feel!             

The Warbird is a long distance driver. As an overstable driver with a high amount of glide, this can handle headwinds or power. Proving to be a long distance bomber of a disc. The Warbird fits in between the Curl and the Bowie. 

The Warbird's namesake comes from the North American Aviation T-6 Texan which was utilized in multiple air forces over its 40+ years of service.

Founders plastic is a translucent blend of plastic with metal flakes that is only used for Tour Series and Special Event discs. This plastic has a similar flight and feel to our Alpha blend. 

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