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Ethos Animus - War Elephant Triple Foil Stamp

Ethos Animus - War Elephant Triple Foil Stamp

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10/5/-0.5/2  *174g Swirly Gold Shimmer / Silver Glitter Holo and Party Time.  Limited TSA x Infinite Stamp   

The flight path of the Ethos Animus is straight with a slight turn about halfway through the flight, then a good long fade at the end of the flight. It's a stable choice for forehand or backhand players. This isn't your max distance disc, it's your go to driver in most situations. The consistent and reliable fade with good glide offers players a lot of control. You can put some mustard on this disc and it's still going to hyzer out at the end. 

Ethos plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend and their most durable. It's see through and also the most overstable right out of the box. Plan on keeping this disc around for a long time because it will take a long time to break in and become flippy. 

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