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Ethereal Animus - RADioactive Man Edition

Ethereal Animus - RADioactive Man Edition

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My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

The Animus is a high-performance distance driver with a stable flight pattern. It handles torque well when thrown by experienced players, but does not have so much fade that it is unmanageable by recreational players who need a more stable driver in their bag. We like to think of it as an Innova Wraith with a touch more stability. 

When naming the Animus we looked to the Latin definition meaning Spirit, Mind.

Ethereal plastic looks more on the metallic side featuring cool swirls. Molds ran in this plastic tend to be a little less stable than Aura or Ethos versions. Discs produced in Ethos plastic feature great durability and could be closely considered to that of Innova's G Star plastic, MVP's Plasma or Discraft's Titanium plastic. 

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