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Eternal Freetail 2nd Run

Eternal Freetail 2nd Run

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The Freetail is a straight-to-understable driver that lands comfortable between distance and fairway. Use it for your controlled drivers when you want to thread the needle and with a disc that follows the angle of your release.

Eternal plastic is a durable translucent blend with an attractive candy look. This plastic blend will wear slowly and maintain the discs flight path for a long time. Mint Eternal plastic is comparable with Streamline Proton, Innova Champion, and Latitute 64 Opto plastic.

What MINT says: Our 2nd driver is named after the Mexican Free-tailed Bat that is native to our home city of Austin, Texas. The Freetail is a driver that wants you to control it, not power it like the Alpha. Give it an easy flat spin for the best turnover your life, or if you have a bit more power make sure to put a little hyzer on it for a buttery flip up line.

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