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ESP XS - Special Edition - Not a Crook Stamp!

ESP XS - Special Edition - Not a Crook Stamp!

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8/5/0/3 *Purple and Jade do not have stickers, but are new. 172g Scaled.   

(Infinite lists the disc with a -2 high speed turn)   

The XS™ is one of our most popular models, and was the 2001 world distance record holder at 712 feet. Easy to throw, especially for beginner to mid-level players.

Brad Schick, Team Discraft

The XS used to be my favorite driver for sure. I still have a beat up XS for a roller that will flip extremely quickly. They are not normally flippy rollers out of the box so you can pick up a lot of distance with them and as they get beat up they flip a bit faster.

Chris Max Voigt

The XS is a world distance record setter. In 2001, Team Discraft's Chris Max Voigt threw an XS 712 feet (217.02 meters) for an official WFDF world record.

Discraft ESP Plastic

An advanced polymer plastic that is more durable than Elite-X and grippier than Z Line plastic. This plastic blend provides the perfect combination of grip and durability and often includes attractive color swirls.

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