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ESP Lightweight Crank - 2023 Limited Edition Ledgestone

ESP Lightweight Crank - 2023 Limited Edition Ledgestone

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Lightweight ESP Crank - The Crank is a max distance driver with high speed turn and a predictable fade. Its stable flight allows it to push straighter for longer before the overstability kicks in at the end of the flight. The Crank is great for hyzer-flips, turnovers and long, pushing hyzer shots.

The ESP plastic promotes glide in this particular run and gives confidence to throwers with a tacky grip. The signature characteristic of this Ledgestone run of Cranks is the lightweight aspect, making them ideal for slower arm speeds looking for more distance and for bigger arms in search of long turnovers. The signature, multicolored ESP Swirls in this run are bright, beautiful and very prevalent.

Fast stable driver suitable for big arm disc golfers looking for the right mix of stability and speed. The Discraft Crank is described as a cross between the Nuke and the Nuke SS. Discraft has given the Crank a stability rating of 1.3, just enough overstable in this disc to really let you “crank” it. Intermediate disc golfers who are looking for a longer drive will also enjoy this disc.

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