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DGA Proline Flex Swirl Breaker - Limited Edition

DGA Proline Flex Swirl Breaker - Limited Edition

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The Breaker is a putt and approach disc in the DGA line. For a putter, this disc has a relatively low profile and a smooth flat top. This is an overstable putter and the low profile gives it a natural fit in your hand. This is an excellent putt and approach disc for windy conditions, short drives, and forehand approach shots. The Breaker won’t flip over with powerful throws.

DGA’s number one approach disc is the Breaker. This overstable putter is perfect for fighting the wind and handling powerful torque from high-speed arms, making it a prime choice for both forehand and backhand shots. The low profile and flat flight plate make gripping the Breaker comfortable. Produced in a much more flexible plastic than standard Breaker runs, these are an ideal choice for approach shots because the flexibility limits ground play. These Breakers feature beautiful swirls and look stunning both in the bag and in the air.

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