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Color Glow C-Blend Slab - RADioactive Man Edition

Color Glow C-Blend Slab - RADioactive Man Edition

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12/3/0/4  *All 173-5g - Great feel to these color glow slab's!  Flat and beefy these fly amazing at high speeds.   

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!     

The SLAB is a high-speed, very overstable distance driver with a flat top and wide rim. The SLAB is designed for power throwers who want a disc that still fades, no matter how hard it is thrown. This disc works wonders for spike hyzer throws, strong forehand throws, as a wind fighter, or as a utility disc when you need to fade hard around obstacles. Watch the Slab slice dependably through the air under any conditions. 

This is a glow-in-the-dark version of C-Blend plastic, which is the equivalent of Innova's Champion plastic. It is often a transparent, ultra durable plastic that provides outstanding performance and long life. The Glow C-Blend can be either colored or traditional "white" glow. 

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