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Star Valkyrie - Throw Pink WDGC 2022 Marm O Set

Star Valkyrie - Throw Pink WDGC 2022 Marm O Set

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The underlying idea behind the design was to depict the Valkyrie in her battle stance ready to take on anything. It doesn’t take long to see the Valkyrie’s spirit and intensity, which can be seen regularly on the disc golf course as well, especially during the Throw Pink Disc Golf Championship. Be sure to tune into the TPWDGC, when the best women disc golfers in the world take on the Winthrop Arena Course.  

One of the most popular drivers in the world, the Valkyrie held the world distance record for a decade. This is a stable flying distance driver with a good degree of high speed turn and fade. The Valkyrie can be used by players of all skill levels. It is a good distance driver for newer players developing form, and can be used for turnover shots and rollers for more advanced players. Because of the popularity of the Valkyrie it is available in just about every plastic Innova has to offer; DX, Pro, Champion, Star, and even Glow Champion.

Star Plastic

Star plastic is the most premium of Innova's plastic blends. Star plastic provides maximum grip and durability. Star plastic is also highly visible.

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