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Champion Glow Savant - F2 - Staff Favorite!

Champion Glow Savant - F2 - Staff Favorite!

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9/5/-1/2  *Country Vanilla / Kelly Green - 175g - Staff Favorite!   

F2 Discs from Innova: Most of the imperfections that make these factory seconds do not affect the flight or durability of these discs. The cosmetic flaws range from specks in the plastic to bubbles in the rim.

The Savant is a speed 9 driver with plenty of glide and a predictable, smooth fade. It flies like an Eagle, only faster!

The Savant is a 9 speed driver, capable of good glide and a very predictable fade. It is comparable to the Innova Eagle, only a bit faster. It is a great mold for both beginners and advanced players, as it is easy to control and is a disc that can be relied on.  

Innova Champion plastic is a transparent ultra durable hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and long life. Discs in Champion Line plastic maintain their flight characteristics 5X longer than do DX discs.

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