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"Best Dystopia Ever” VRG Premium Polarized Sunglasses

"Best Dystopia Ever” VRG Premium Polarized Sunglasses

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The future is here. Meet the VRGs. Sleek, glare-reducing polarized lens that won’t slip or bounce while you run away from your robot overlords.

In the spirit of futurism, like these futuristic blue Best Dystopia Ever sunglasses, we decided to let AI write this post: These crisp and innovative blue sunglasses will teleport you to the enchanted rave of your dreams where you will dance until you are crystallized forever in the glittering dystopian paradise of your wildest fantasies. (Huh, sounds pretty legit. You should probably buy these to see if it's true.)you will be immortalized in a glittering palace of a unicorn-lensed utopia fever dream where all of your wildest fantasies come true.

(Before you end up in the AI's human zoo, that is.)

Quite simply the best looking running sunglasses you can buy for less than $100. We started with the belief that running is fun and your stories and gear should be too. Our goal was to create the best pair of running sunglasses for under $30 and we did it!

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