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Aura Mantra - Swirly Limited Edition Mini Hat

Aura Mantra - Swirly Limited Edition Mini Hat

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9/6/-2/1  *Swirly Limited Edition Aura Mantra with the mini Infinite Santa Hat! Minor storage wear possible.              

The Mantra is the debut disc release from Thought Space Athletics, a company focused on beautiful, unique designs and quality disc golf products for all players. The Mantra will fly straight at a manageable speed for new players but will have a more understable flight for experience throwers. It can be used for precision drivers or for anhyzer lines and power rollers. It's an all-purpose driver with great glide that feels and flies wonderfully.

Aura plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend. It's perfect for your Animus because you may hit a tree with this disc, and you want it to keep the same flight characteristics. It's great for touring pros and recreational players as well, you can rely on the grip and the consistent flight path from Aura plastic.

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