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Swirly Aura Animus - Limited Goliath Triple Foil Stamp - Rare!

Swirly Aura Animus - Limited Goliath Triple Foil Stamp - Rare!

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10/5/0/2  *169g Swirly Bright Blue / Color Change Holo and Teal Reflective Foils.  Swirly white and blue bursts and a Rare Foil Combination - the colors on this are amazing.   This is a very limited run of Goliath Stamped Aura Animus with minor storage wear.         

The flight path of the Animus is pretty straight with some turn in the middle of the flight. After that little turn the Animus will fight its way back to hyzering out with some glide. It's a great backhand choice to give you a little more distance with that S curve. It also functions pretty well for a sidearm thrower because of the smaller rim. The Animus has a flatter top and not much dome transitioning from the flight plate to the wing. Beginners will like that this disc isn't super overstable and it can be gripped by smaller hands. Experienced throwers and pros will love the Animus for its consistent and sharp hyzer that it offers.

Aura plastic from ThoughtSpace Athletics is a premium blend. It's perfect for your Animus because you may hit a tree with this disc, and you want it to keep the same flight characteristics. It's great for touring pros and recreational players as well, you can rely on the grip and the consistent flight path from Aura plastic.

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