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Apex Bullet - Mason Ford Signature Series

Apex Bullet - Mason Ford Signature Series

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2/4/0/1 * Run #AP-BU01-23. Slight puddle top with a tacky feel and a flexible flight plate with a firm rim. storage wear possible with this plastic type.   

The Bullet is a low profile, rounded putter with a micro-bead. The Bullet has a very neutral flight, making it an awesome "point and shoot" putter. It is the second putter to be produced by MINT Discs, the first being the Profit.

Our premium Apex Plastic is designed for top of the line grip without sacrificing durability. We find this blend has slightly more glide helping it to carry forward. Apex is typically comes in a wide array of opaque colors.  White(or any light color) Apex is also our recommended color if you want to add your own tie-dye to our plastic. 
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