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Aerobie Sharpshooter #1

Aerobie Sharpshooter #1

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7/3/0/3 *All stickered date of 4/15 and weight of 170-174g. PDGA Approved! Wild old school design that’s super unique!   


The SharpShooter #1 is an overstable fairway driver in the Aerobie disc golf line. Aerobie is a brand that knows a little something about flying aerial objects. Unlike the distance driver, the Epic, the SharpShooter #1 is a more traditional disc golf driver in terms of symmetry. However, this disc has unique grooves around the outside edge that you won’t find on any other brand of golf disc. The SharpShooter #1 is fairly fast and has a 2.1cm rim. The SharpShooter #1 is made of a very hard, but durable plastic. Aerobie golf disc plastic is perhaps the hardest blend used by any disc manufacturer. This disc is very overstable, and will experience a large hook at the end of the flight.

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