Collection: Wingman Discs (Czech Republic)

Rare Air Discs is proud to be the first retailer to sell WINGMAN discs, the first Czech disc golf manufacturer!  Info about Wingman

Czech production

The Czech Republic has a long history of craftsmanship; wood, glass, ore, and plastic all have a place in the country’s rich history of manufacturing. Knowing this, we didn’t hesitate to put our manufacturing into Czech hands and are proud to say that all Wingman discs are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.  

Josef first got his hands on a disc 15 years ago, when he discovered the magic of ultimate. Now he’s devoted to disc golf and running our company. Next is Lukas, who you may know as @czech_discgolf. He's a skilled graphic designer and enthusiast for everything that flies. Adam rounds out our trio. Adam is a nice guy 
He builds his company (and his discs) on his passion for disc golf, first-class materials, unique design and Czech craftsmanship. However, they do not forget about the environment either, and their discs therefore do not contain any additives that would make recycling impossible.