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13/4/-4/2  *Creamy Iced Purple Drink / Double Stamp Red Digi Holo Foil! 170-172g.   

The Nuke SS is a flippy long distance driver that is perfect for players of lots of skill levels. It is easy to throw with a nice flip up to turnover. The disc comes in several plastics to find the perfect one for your bag. The fast and flippy driver will be a great roller disc and perfect for tail winds if you have a big arm. If you are just getting into distance drivers then this is the perfect workhorse disc for you. You can throw it on hyzer flips and turnovers and watch the disc glid for days. It is fast, understable and has a really good feel in the hand. This is the perfect disc for a wide variety of players from newer players to those with the biggest arms. Perfect for long distance rollers. Grab a Nuke SS from Discraft today!

NUKE SS gives developing players the means to get the distance of more advanced throwers without needing years of experience. You can get very long turnovers at medium speed, or throw your longest rollers ever at high speed! Give it a rip and see for yourself.

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