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Shimmer Star VRoc3 - Throw Pink Stamp - Pre-Embossed!

Shimmer Star VRoc3 - Throw Pink Stamp - Pre-Embossed!

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5/4/0/2   *Enhanced with the popular Throw Pink “Ribbon Lady” stamp!

This Shimmer Star plastic was the early version of Innova's G Star. More flexible than traditional star plastic, but nor so much as the G Star. Feels amazing in the hand!     

The Innova Champion VRoc3 is based on the San Marino Roc with the addition of the V-Tech convex, ergonomic rim. A great midrange that can handle power but performs well on a touch shot, too. A great, straight-flyer that is controllable by players of all ability levels. These are similar to the Roc, yet feature the "V-Tech" bottom which uses a convex wing shape to give shots a more neutral flight path.

Shimmer Star plastic is very similar, if not identical to, regular Star plastic. The difference is the "shimmery" look that features a special pearly agent in trusty Star plastic that gives the discs an unique metallic shine.

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