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Shimmer S-line FD2 - Konopiste Open

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7/4/0/2  *175g - Swirly Gold / Blue!  Innova Made - Staff Favorite. Shiny in look and slightly softer than the regular S-Line in feel.  Very limited run and out of production!            

The FD2 was first born after the second run of it’s FD cousin. With a very stable-to-overstable flight, there quickly was a demand for something like the second-run FD to be a permanent spot in Discmania’s lineup. Through multiple tweaks and adjustments, we feel we have finally dialed in a flight of the FD2 that disc golfers have been searching for.

“This is really close to the famous second-run FD,” Piironen says. “I couldn't be more excited about the disc. It also fits really nice on my hand when throwing sidearm. Throws were approximately 375-400 feet and with my throwing speed it flew nice and straight having a reliable fade. It’s a pretty awesome disc.”