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S-line DD2 - "Frenzy" Limited Edition Penned - OOP Innova Made

S-line DD2 - "Frenzy" Limited Edition Penned - OOP Innova Made

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13/5/-2/2   *Innova Made - Storage wear possible.   The DD2 is Discmania's fastest and longest distance driver. However, you need plenty of arm speed to take advantage of its full flight. If you have the power, the speed 13 and glide 5 ratings will ensure that the disc gets well down the fairway before hitting the ground. The wide rim also enables big skip shots if the terrain allows for it.

The S-line version is the second most overstable DD2 out of the standard selection of plastic types, so to take full benefit of this superfast mold you will need lots of arm speed. This edition comes with the now out-of-production Frenzy stamp.

Are you ready to surpass your record distance? The DD2 is up for it, if you are game.

Good for: Maximum distance drives, skip shots, for advanced and pro players.

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