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Mini RAD Mystery Box (MVP Mini Basket + Discs)!

Mini RAD Mystery Box (MVP Mini Basket + Discs)!

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*Basket is now the 24 Chain MVP Mini Basket!  Please order this by itself if possible! Place another order separately if desired.       

Welcome to the wonderful world of MINI Disc Golf!  Play indoors, outdoors, camping, tailgating, etc.  Our favorite part is setting up mini courses with crazy lines, playing hot spot (having different areas be different points), playing P.I.G., and taking it anywhere we go!  Heading to a Red Rocks show to tailgate?  Bring it along!

All mini discs have different flight paths as well - and learning their lines is a blast!  Mini Basket is super easy to set up (no tools required) and durable!

 Each $79.99 box comes with:
  • 1 x Mini MVP Black Hole Basket (24 chains!)
  • 4 x RAD Mini’s (random mold/color)
  • 1 x Full Size Mystery Disc (New!)
  • The chance to send in some trick shot videos and win a $10 gift card!

UPS Only for Free Shipping - if another delivery method needed please contact us, it will be $5-10 to use USPS. 

The Recruit Lite Mini basket size with permanent basket materials and construction. The Recruit Lite Mini comes with the same signature angled spokes and color scheme/design as the full size Recruit Lite basket. Weighing in at just over 7lbs, you will never be concerned as to whether or not this basket will get knocked over during use. Standing at 26 inches, it is compact enough to take anywhere. Get this basket and your options for setting up a course are only limited by your imagination.

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