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Meta Method - Nikklas Antilla Autographed

Meta Method - Nikklas Antilla Autographed

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5/5/0/3  *Very limited run of Meta Plastic Methods!  These special edition discs are autographed by the Finnish 2X Champion Nikklas Antilla!       

If you need to get things done, having the right Methods will make things easier for you. This disc has been designed to be a true workhorse for an array of different shots.

The Method was the first midrange disc introduced in our Evolution product line. It is a straight-to-overstable midrange that can handle pro level power on both forehand and backhand shots, but where this disc excels beyond other stable midranges is in its glide.

The Method is able maintain a straight and stable flight path even in high speeds without cutting down on distance, giving players more than enough flight time to shape their shots. This midrange can handle immense torque without turning over and will hold a flat to fade flight as it soars down the fairway.

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