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McPro Glow Roc3 - Paul McBeth 2017 Signature Disc - Innova Foil!

McPro Glow Roc3 - Paul McBeth 2017 Signature Disc - Innova Foil!

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Super Rare! 2017 McPro Glow Roc3 Signature Series with the very limited Holo Innova Logo Foil! 180g.

The Roc3 is a fast, straight Roc that excels at controlled approaches and Mid-Range drives.

Glow Tour Series Roc3 – A fan favorite from years past, the Roc3 in the stiffer Pro plastic is back! A great mix of grip and durability, these stiff Pro ones are really nice feeling and a great look as well with the swirly color glow plastic.

The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal 'Go-To' Mid-Range in almost any situation. Advanced players will love the versatility of this disc while newer players can rely on the consistent finish.

The Roc3 is a variation of the flagship Roc mold. There have been many different types of Rocs throughout the years but this Roc3 was a great addition. The 3 at the end of the Roc3 signifies that it is a bit faster than the traditional Roc, also indicated by the 5 speed versus the 4. These Roc3s also tend to be Flatter than their original counterpart. The Roc3 was a staple in the bag of 4x world champion Paul McBeth and it was his first signature disc.

McPro Glow Plastic

The McPro Glow material allows throwers to slowly season the disc into that "sweet spot" for the desired flight that will last many rounds. The blending of colors in these glow discs makes each disc unique.


  • Provides superior grip that performs well in most weather situations
  • Wears in slowly to provide new and varied flight characteristics
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