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Halo Star TL3 - Mandala Factory Seconds

Halo Star TL3 - Mandala Factory Seconds

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8/4/-1/1  *Limited Run of Chris Sheehan 3-Color Halo TL3's. Normal X-out features possible, none noted besides stamp.      

This Halo TL3 with the Presence Mandala design works on many levels. Not only is it head-turning artwork, but the mandala design can also act as a reminder to commit yourself to every shot.

What are Mandalas anyway? Mandalas are intricately crafted geometric patterns and are sometimes used as a spiritual tool to tap into one’s consciousness.

More about the Presence Mandala: How present are you during a round of disc golf? Do you fully commit to every shot? Or do you occasionally hold back fearing failure? This Presence Mandala is designed to inspire you to “access your greatest potential in every situation,” said artist Chris Sheehan.

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