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"Freshly Picked Cerulean” Runway Style Polarized Sunglasses

"Freshly Picked Cerulean” Runway Style Polarized Sunglasses

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All the goodr running and beasting performance benefits with a universally flattering, high-fashion cat eye frame. 

Introducing freshly picked cerulean. "Blue sunglasses?!" How dare you! Your Philistine mouth mangles art. In 2015, Carl de la Flamingo did a groundbreaking collection of cerulean sunnies. Then it was Bosley St. Basset, wasn't it, who launched cerulean chew toys? After that, came cerulean tiki drinks, and - oh, oh, what's the point? This fashion lesson is wasted on your vulgar ears. Move along, darling. These cerulean lensed floral patterned frames aren't for you. "Blue sunglasses". Pfft. Indeed!

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