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Founders Armadillo Leah Tsinajinnie Tour Series

Founders Armadillo Leah Tsinajinnie Tour Series

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1/2/0/1    *Beautiful run of Founders Edition Plastic Armadillo's!  Customer Favorite. Varying levels of Dome and Pop Top possible, should level out either way on flat surface or with hot water - normal for this mold.        

The Armadillo is a low speed and low glide disc. This disc is meant to be accurate and offer great control It has a thumbtrack on the disc for comfort. It is an easy disc to control, and will fly consistently to provide good accuracy. Lone Star says, "Our newest Putt and Approach disc holds true to its namesake with its Blunt Nosed Rim and Thumbtracked Shoulder that forces this disc to fly straight as an arrow with a reliable fade to its intended target."

Founders plastic is a translucent blend of plastic with metal flakes that is only used for Tour Series and Special Event discs. This plastic has a similar flight and feel to our Alpha blend. 

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