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Plasma Champion Roc - 2021 USDGC

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Plasma Champion Roc - 2021 USDGC Stamp by Marm O. Set

- Frosted Icy Day Glow Lemon with full color Marm O. Set stamp! 177g
- Frosted Iced Sapphire with full color Marm O. Set stamp! 176g

Space … The final Innova Roc frontier. Go interstellar with the 2021 USDGC Plasma Champion Rancho Roc – a special space fantasy version of the famous Roc bird.

Roc Molds: A Combination of Rancho and Ontario Molds. 

Run Details: Great combination of INNColor design and Champion plastic. Noticeable dome. Once earmarked for the USDGC Commemorative Champion Roc program, this older run of Champion plastic is now yours for the taking. Get em’ while they last!

More on the Design: Whenever Marm O. Set takes on a project, “I always want to do something different,” said the artist. So, when it came to depicting a new Roc bird, Marm O. Set wanted to go with the path less taken, which was a fantasy version. A big fan of dragons and what they’ve contributed to the fantasy genre, Marm said he wanted to infuse dragon elements within a vulture like body. But instead of the Roc bird breathing fire, he opted for the mystic bird spewing a toxic plasma amid a spacey backdrop. He ended up with a completely new, imaginative take on the Roc bird. Works for us.

More on the Roc: The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. It provides accuracy at any range. 

Champion Plastic

Our Champion line is produced with a hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Champion discs are distinguished by a beautiful clear appearance. Designed for professional players, Champion line discs are usually a little firmer and more stable than the same model in other plastics. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, our Champion line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic.