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Color Glow C-line FD3 - Discmaniacs Run - Orange

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9/4/0/3  *173-5g Orange Peach / Purple Foil - New, minor storage marks - Innova Made - Chalky and grippy run - Staff Favorite       

The FD3 is one of the best overstable drivers in the Discmania lineup. The 9 speed is an overstable disc that slots nicely next to the PD or as a slower PD2. The Discmaniac Color Glow FD3 features the new Discmania mascot, Dismaniac. There are 3 different stamps: Alert Discmaniac, Brave Discmaniac, and Chill Discmaniac. The color glow plastic is great feeling and a little bit on the dome side. This run should be a slightly straighter run of FD3 and will get a lot of forward push before the healthy fade that all FD3’s have at the end of the flight. Grab one of these beauties, or try and collect all 3 stamps.

Discmania says this about the run: “This release of the Color Glow C-Line FD3 has the great grip that comes with all of our Color Glow C-Line discs. This run also has a gentle dome. In the air, you’ll find this to be a very dependable FD3. It isn’t the most overstable run we’ve seen, but it can be quite the workhorse. Backhand or forehand shots will be beauties with the Discmaniac Color Glow C-Line FD3.”