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Eclipse 2.0 Reactor - Custom "RAD Shredder" Triple Foil

Eclipse 2.0 Reactor - Custom "RAD Shredder" Triple Foil

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5/5/-0.5/1.5  *Beautiful Triple Foil "RAD Shredder" Stamp by Ripper Studios - the newest of the RAD Vibes.  Eclipse 2.0 is the Best Glow in the market!!  These things light for ever!  *The triple foil stamp includes three foils including Matte Silver, Blue Shatter Holo, and a Rainbow Foil. The Rainbow foil isn't the same throughout all of the discs, so see each variation to choose.   

High powered players should expect the Reactor to have some subtle, flight-extending turn that doesn’t overpower its natural fade — making the Reactor a dependable, workhorse midrange on every angle of release. The Reactor has just enough fade to shape long turnovers, and the right amount of turn and glide to support laser-like straight shots or hyzer bombs. If you have the power, the Reactor is a surprisingly long flyer too.

Lower power players will find the reactor to be an extremely dependable flat-to-fade midrange — one of the most classic and often needed shots in disc golf. The turn, while likely not apparent from a flat release, will show itself when released on anhyzer — yielding a longer s-turn than perhaps expected. From hyzer, the subtle turn of the Reactor will allow it to generate workable hyzers.

Eclipse 2.0 is an updated version of the Eclipse plastic. Eclipse Glow plastic has an awesome feel in the hand, fairly smooth and reflective, yet grippy. It is a stiffer plastic, and is the most overstable that Axiom produces. This is the Number 1 Glow in all of disc golf, as it stays charged and shines brighter than anything else on the market

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