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D-Line P2 (Flex 1) - Custom "RAD Shredder" Stamp

D-Line P2 (Flex 1) - Custom "RAD Shredder" Stamp

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2/3/0/1  *Custom run of Flex 1 (Soft) P2's with the RAD Shredder stamp by Ripper Studios!      

Add a new level of confidence to your short game with the superb grip of the Flex 1 D-line P2!

The P2 features the same straight-to-stable flight that made it one the most popular discs in the World. It feels smooth and natural in the hand - just what you need to sink those crucial putts with confidence. Its characteristics make it excel as a throwing putter as well. You can count on it to find the way straight at the target with a dependable fade in all conditions.

This Flex 1 plastic allows players an improved grip without sacrificing much of the structural integrity. We've been enjoying these especially for shorter drives off the tee and approaches, but they work great as putting putters as well, grabbing the chains effectively on both high and low speed putts


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