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Z Swirl Flash - OOP - Ledgestone 2023 Limited

Z Swirl Flash - OOP - Ledgestone 2023 Limited

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10/5/-2/3   *Beautiful run of an Out of Production disc!  Amazing driver that should never have been stopped.  Limited for the Ledgestone 2023 drop!   

The Flash is a versatile, forehand and backhand workhorse driver with the ability to fly multiple flight paths. It can provide hyzer-flips, turnovers, hyzers and flex shots. The constant for the Flash is its ability to provide big distance.

The Flash is no longer in production at Discraft, but is back in limited availability for this Ledgestone run. The Z Swirl plastic is colorful and swirly with a touch of translucency. It also introduces a slightly tackier grip than standard Z plastic, while maintaining the same trusted durability.

The Discraft Flash is one of the best drivers for intermediate players, and fly's well when thrown either forehand or backhand. This versatile disc has a healthy amount of turn, end of flight fade, and great glide to provide the maximum distance you’re looking for. If you’re looking for some more color, the Flash is available dyed in the Z plastic. If you’re looking for a better grip, ESP plastic is one of the best gripping, yet still durable molds available.

The ESP line by Discraft offers a great combination of durability and grip. This plastic was first released in 2006, is very similar to the Z Line, and is one of the higher valued plastics. It's slightly less durable than the Z Line but has a much better value for grip on the disc.

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