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Plasma Nomad - Limited Edition "DarkWing" by Marm O. Set

Plasma Nomad - Limited Edition "DarkWing" by Marm O. Set

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2/4/0/1.5 *All have triple foils with chrome and blue holo. Beautiful DarkWing design by Marm O Set.       

The debut of the James Conrad Line, the Nomad is a neutral-stable putter.

Resigned by the World Champion himself — the Nomad has everything James Conrad desires in a putter. From the depth and shoulder height, all the way down to the size of the small bead — the Nomad is James’ vision of an ideal putter. Expect a neutral flight inside the Circle, with some fade kicking in at Circle 2 — making the Nomad great at holding anhyzer or hyzer angles when need be. Off the tee, the Nomad’s straight-stable flight will let throwers of all power levels experience confident, straight lines with just enough glide to stick under the basket — not blow past it.

MVP Plasma is a premium plastic blend that combines performance with a stunning metallic sheen. Plasma plastic has slightly better grip than Neutron plastic and stans somewhere between neutron and neutron soft in terms of softness and flexibility. Plasma plastic allows MVP to add different amounts of dome to MVP golf discs. 

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