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Neutron Paradox - Mental Game Limited Edition by ZAM

Neutron Paradox - Mental Game Limited Edition by ZAM

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5/4/-4/0   *All have Purple Gold Holo Foils.  Limited Triple Foil beauty by ZAM - "This Game Is All In Your Head"   

Among the most understable midranges ever produced, the Paradox is capable of some truly unique lines. High-power players will be using the Paradox for utility shots like rollers, low speed flip ups, massive nose up anhyzers, and other touch shots. Low-power players will find the Paradox is a great first midrange for straight or hyzer-flip flights. Whether you’re using it as a teaching tool, or a utility disc for woods golf, the Paradox’s understability won’t let you down. If you need it to turn, the Paradox is the disc for you!

Axiom Neutron


  • Premium look and feel
  • Wide selection high-contrast opaque colors
  • Shares durability characteristics of Proton
  • Soft option available in select models
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