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K3 Reko - Limited Moomin Art Series

K3 Reko - Limited Moomin Art Series

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Moomin was created in the 1940’s by the Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson and has grown in popularity ever since. The books have been translated into more than fifty languages. In this disc series, the artworks will be based on the artist's drawings, and the script font is based on her handwriting. Various Moomin characters will appear on the stamps, as well as some words of wisdom heard from the Moomin valley.  

Get your Reko for those straight putts and approaches or give it a little hyzer on drives and watch it turn over gently. This disc has all the qualities of a true go-to putter. Reko has a comfortable rounded profile and a smooth bead, which will fit most players' hands. Easy to grip and easy to throw. It features a strengthened shoulder which adds a little extra durability compared to the average putter.  Reko is Swedish for good, reliable or decent. The world needs more Reko.

Kastaplast's K3 material is a soft, supple blend that has a tacky, grippy feel. Compared to other base plastics, K3 is best described as medium soft.

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