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K1 Stig - Limited YMER Swedish Open Stamp

K1 Stig - Limited YMER Swedish Open Stamp

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6/5/-2/1    *Limited YMER stamped Swedish Open run of K1 Stig - A New Midrange mold (replacing the Kaxe Z)    Best choice for: straight fairway shots, hyzer-flips

Use your best touch shot and watch the disc glide and land in circle one. The Stig is a midrange driver in the same family as the Kaxe but more understable and with less fade.

Katapalst K1 is a unique plastic blend manufactured in Sweden. This disc plastic has an excellent feel. It is moderately grippy, but not sticky and is extremely durable. K1 plastic has a similar feel to Prodigy 400G or Prodiscus. K1 is a stiffer blend than Kastaplasts K2 plastic.

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