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Glow Halo Leopard3 - Ohn Scoggins Tour Series

Glow Halo Leopard3 - Ohn Scoggins Tour Series

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7/5/-2/1  *All 173-5g      

 The 2023 Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Color Glow Halo Star Leoaprd3 is here with an upgraded look and feel! Our new Color Glow Halo plastic has an extra grippy feel and fairly mellow flight, making these some of the friendliest Leopard3s ever made. The smiling Buddha is known to bring good luck and is considered a symbol of happiness, abundance, contentment, and well-being. Add some Zen to your game and extra luck to your bag with an Ohn Scoggins Color Glow Halo Star Leopard3!

The Innova Leopard3 is the faster less glidey version of the popular Innova Leopard. this disc has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. With a smooth throw the Leopard 3 will fly lazer straight. With power this disc will turn hard and finish right (with a right hand backhand throw). 

The Leopard3 is a versatile all purpose driver that can work for a variety of shots for disc golfers of all skill levels. 

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