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HyzerBomb SuperSoft Glow Tank (1.3) - Rare Air Force Stamp

HyzerBomb SuperSoft Glow Tank (1.3) - Rare Air Force Stamp

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2/2/0/2  *Rare run of SuperSoft Glow Tanks that are flexible but with a flat profile!  Very RAD run of a HyzerBomb classic.  San Marino / GTANK 1.3 embossed.  Minor storage wear possible with this plastic type.   

If you’re looking for a putter that flies like a Tank, reach for the Millennium/Hyzer Bomb Tank. This unique putt and approach disc has a broad flat profile and an extra wide thumb tack grip. The beefy rim of this disc gives it a solid feel that helps it stop like a tank. This is the ideal disc when you don’t want to overshoot, or skip past the basket. When thrown with power, the Tank is a fairly straight flying disc with minimal glide. It may exhibit a slight degree of high speed turn followed by a very minimal end of flight fade

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