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Gummy XG Champion Toro - First Run - Air Force Stamp

Gummy XG Champion Toro - First Run - Air Force Stamp

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4/2/0/4  *Rare Gummy XG Toro!  Amazing grip and flexibility. Due to chalky nature of these, storage wear possible but minimal noted.                        

The Toro is an overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle a lot of torque.  Super Flat and great for flicks. 

Calvin Heimburg was the inspiration behind the Toro. He wanted a flat-top, overstable, mid-range disc that he could have confidence in—something that could handle his level of forehand torque. After several variations, the Toro was created and named by Calvin. —Dave Dunipace

Innova Gummy Champion is a unique flexible Champion Plastic blend that has only been available for tournament fundraisers. This plastic has the look of regular Champion, but a completely different feel that provides for a better grip and increased durability.

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