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Star Destroyer - Count Chuckula Marm O. Set Design

Star Destroyer - Count Chuckula Marm O. Set Design

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12/5/-1/3  *Customer Favorite! Phenomenal run of star destroyer.            

Just in time for Halloween, we’ve stocked our Cereal Thriller aisle with the terrifically terrifying Count Chuckula Innova Star Destroyer.

Now with even more essential vitamins, minerals, and overstable distance, this Destroyer is the perfect disc to pull out when you are facing a frighteningly long fairway.

*** This Marm O. Set design features 3 foils!

Run Details: Noticeable dome typical of a Destroyer. Smooth Star plastic. Get ready to huck this on any haunted hole.

More about the design: With Halloween approaching, Marm O. Set decided to center the design around a vampire’s alternate form, the bat. However, he wanted it to be its own bat and took great pains to not make it too “batman-y.”

Golden Nugget: The two U letters in “Chuckula” were accentuated to resemble vampire fangs.

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