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Galactic XT Pro Polecat - RARE! - Air Force Stamp

Galactic XT Pro Polecat - RARE! - Air Force Stamp

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1/3/0/0  *All 175g - Amazing Grip and perfect amount of grip and stability with this plastic! Staff Favorite.     

It’s high time you tried the Galactic Polecat. If the Mako3 had a putter cousin, the Polecat would be it. Very straight. Very neutral flyer. However, it still has enough fade to keep it from being a total push over. Great for short to medium tight, tunnel approaches. It even maintains your straight line for medium power drives.

The Polecat revolution has begun. 

Tour Series XT Galactic plastic is a very swirly McPro variant. It is a plastic used exclusively for touring pros, and it looks amazing. It has a stiff feel, just like McPro.

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