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Glow Galactic XT Polecat - Air Force Stamp

Glow Galactic XT Polecat - Air Force Stamp

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1/3/0/0  *All 175g - Very rare run of Galactic XT Polecats that Glow!  Staff Favorite. Storage wear possible with this plastic type.   

The Polecat is one of the straightest flying golf discs available. This isn’t a fast disc (speed rating of 1), but it will stay on the course better than almost any other disc. This is a tall putter (2.3 cm) with a deep rim. The feel of the putter is comparable to a small frisbee made for playing a game of pass, and this feel is preferable for some players who are transitioning to disc golf.

Galactic XT plastic is a grippy, very swirly McPro variant. This plastic looks amazing and incorporates enhanced grip. Galactic XT has a medium stifness and a perfect feel.

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