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D-Line P1 (Flex 1) - Bar Stamp Special Edition

D-Line P1 (Flex 1) - Bar Stamp Special Edition

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2/3/0/0 - *Very limited special edition release of P1's in the softer, grippier Flex 1!! Only released in Black Mystery Boxes 2022.  Typical D-Line storage wear probable on these.   

P1 is back and better than ever before. We went back to the drawing board to create a new and unique take on everyone's favorite straight-flying putter. A slightly convex, rounded bottom provides a smooth and natural feel in hand. Players of all abilities will enjoy a variety of shot shaping abilities that the P1 offers.

As a slightly shallower cousin to the P2, this putter fits well with just about any type of grip style, is an excellent tool for careful wooded shots, dead straight flights, and flip to flat or anhyzer throws. P1 is a tool you can count on for your putts, tee shots, and approaches.

Find your favorite flight with the P1 today!

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